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Hi, I'm Alex  

I’m a UX Designer that helps businesses translate complex products, processes, and subjects into simpler forms that'll empower users.


SAAS, UX Design, Design System

Redesigning A Dashboard to Manage Mobile Wallet Passes

Building trust, improving navigation, and lowering barriers to payments for marketers designing passes for Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Web Design, Research, UX Design

Designing A More Engaging Experience
Iridescent Learning

Redesigning an online platform that helps teach underprivileged kids about artificial intelligence and technology.

Mobile Design, Research, UX Design

How The User's Voice Led to Better Design

A mobile IOS social food recommendation app where friends recommend food to friends born from listening to the voice of users.

Web Design, Usability, UX Design

Reducing The Number of Hurdles New Users Face 

Reducing friction for new users on an educational interior design website by improving usability to ultimately improve conversions. 

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