Hi, I'm Alex  

As a UX Designer, it's my job to ask everybody why a million times.

My Work

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Iridescent Learning

Helping redesign an online platform that helps teach underprivileged kids about artificial intelligence and technology.

My Role

UX Designer

Main Goal

Create a more engaging experience for kids

Pallate: How The User's Voice Led to Better Design

A mobile IOS social food recommendation app where friends recommend food to friends born from listening to the voice of users.

My Role



Main Goal

Solve for the unmet needs of people that eat out frequently

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Reducing friction for new users on an educational interior design website by improving usability to ultimately improve conversions. 

My Role

UX Designer

UX Researcher

Project Manager

Main Goal

Reduce friction in the buying process of workshops

Nice to meet you.

I'm open to full-time opportunities, contracts, and freelance work!

I'm currently based in Los Angeles, if you want to talk about how we could work together, you can contact me at:
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