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Redesigning a SAAS dashboard marketers use to build & manage Mobile Wallet Passes like Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

My Role​

UX Designer


UX Designer

Technology Lead

Front End Developer


2 Months

Key Skills


Product Design

Design Systems

UX Writing

How might we simplify how marketers manage Mobile Wallet Pass Campaigns?​

Plastic cards and paper coupons are huge sources of waste. Digital passes are cheaper at fractions of a cent each and more convenient to carry in your phone rather than a stuffed wallet.

Passkit is a product that allows marketers to design, build, and manage Mobile Wallet Passes for things like membership cards, digital coupons, or loyalty cards for both Apple Wallet and Google Pay.


The Challenge

Passkit knew that users were struggling to understand and use their beta dashboard.

Previously we redesigned how marketers created and edited mobile wallet passes. For this sprint, we wanted to create a more coherent experience for marketers at agencies managing multiple projects while raising awareness of how a paid account could help users. 


Passkit's amazing developers put together an MVP that helped Passkit land a major client.


After the redesign was integrated into the site, Passkit Premium's conversion rate increased from 3% to 8%.

Understanding the Problem

To identify the key problems PassKit's dashboard was facing, I first evaluated the product based on best practices on usability.


Then, I sat down with 7 users of Passkit for a quick interview and asked them to go through some common tasks in the Passkit dashboard.


See Detailed Evaluation

Key Problems


Trust - 


Trust - 


Trust - 

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